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Take a look at our fresh News regarding our fairs, exhebitions, Events,..

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Pasteurizers for milk, cheese kettles and cisterns, cheese presses and prepresses, cheese tables ...

Let's add value to the milk together!

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Beer - HomePage - Plevnik

Equipment for beer making: brewing kettle, brewing block, lauter / mash tank, lauter/ brewing cistern, fermentation tank, maturation tank...

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Predelava hrane

Storage tanks, mixing tanks, cooling and heating tanks, duplicators, fermentor tanks, autoclaves ...

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Cooling aggregates for iced water, recuperation of waste energy during milk cooing for heating potable water ...

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Hlajenje mleka-

Cooling tanks, cooling cisterns, portable cooling tanks and cisterns, milk pasteurizers for feeding calves...

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Rabljena oprema

Used dairy equipment, cooling tanks, pasteurizers, cheese kettles ...

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