What's New?

Intermediate plates for pressing

Intermediate PE plates are an efficient solution for cheese makers. They provide a more uniform pressing of stacked cheese moulds.

New and even better Plevnik cheese harps

New Plevnik cheese harps enable a precise cut which improves the quality and quantity of final product. They also ensure efficient stirring and drying of cheese grain.

Protective net in front of the harps – Cheese kettle SKH

Plevnik is presenting a new solution for cheese kettles SKH: a protective net in front of the harps. This new solution guarantees protection when cutting cheese mass.

New Plevnik elevating device for volumes 100–300 liters

Plevnik has developed a completely new solution for cheese kettles SKH and pasteurizers P with volumes of 100–300 liters: new elevating device with an electrical screw lift instead of hydraulic aggregate.

Plevnik working platforms for cheese kettles and pasteurizers

Working environment should be ergonomically suitable and efficient at the same time. Plevnik is offering working platforms for cheese kettles and pasteurizers in all dimensions. This is an efficient solution for cheesemakers who want to have more control over the processes and produce with less physical effort.

New professional stirrer for yogurt, cheese and milk

Plevnik has developed a new professional stirrer for processing of 100–500 liters of milk. It is suitable for production of yogurt, cheese, milk and also for stirring in various supplements.

Economical solution: new Plevnik butter churn PJ 50 Basic

Plevnik butter churn PJ is a modern device for butter and buttermilk production. Now, a new version of PJ 50 is available – PJ 50 Basic.

Lower transport costs for cheese tables SM with detachable legs

Cheese tables SM 97, 147 and 199 have detachable legs. That makes it easier to pack a cheese table together with a cheese kettle SKH or pasteurizer P, because it utilizes the space well.

Traditional alpine cheesemaking: new cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-Cu

New Plevnik copper cheese kettle is cheese kettle SKH with copper inside. The kettle enables a traditional way to produce different types of cheese using modern equipment.

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