What's New?

Protect your health with an elevator

Everyone who runs business wants to increase productivity and efficiency. This is possible when workers have a good working environment. Best working zone enables easier work with less physical stress.

New multi-purpose hobby stirrers

Presenting new multi-purpose hobby stirrers for smaller batches.

Plevnik cheese harps – the difference matters!

With Plevnik cheese harps you will get more cheese and less cheese dust.

Updated butter churn

We have developed an updated version of Plevnik butter churn which will make your work easier and assure better results when making a wide range of products: butter, buttermilk, various cheese spreads, …

User-friendly controller MC 500

The MC 500 controller with a large touchscreen enables easy and flexible operation of up to 10 thermal treatment programs.

New: SKH / SCH Dubble O (2O) fro 500-5000 l

Slight cutting of cheese mass due to circular operation of blades. The cheese mass is cut and not torn. Uniform and controlled grain size

New: Continuous FLOW pasteurization PP - 300-3000 litres / h

Modern way of pasteurization Energy-Saving Technology, 3-times Faster process and Money-Saving

Turnkey Container Dairy Solutions

Custom made turnkey solutions for your products and for your milk volume!

New controller MC500

New and upgraded Controller with touch Screen and with additional features - MC500

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