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Cheese kettle with cooling aggregate SKH-H

We are pleased to present you our new machine - cheese kettle SKH-H with automatic harps and cooling aggregate for production all diary products (cheese, curd, yogurt, ...)

Cheese kettle SKH-H does the job of 4 different machines: Pasteurizer, Cheese kettle, Milk cooling tank, Fermentor. It's power is in heating up to 1000C and cooling down to 40C.


SKH-H advantages:

- 4 machines in one (pasteurizator, cheese kettle, milk cooling tank and fermentor)

- We can do all diary products in SKH-H,

- We can use it as a milk cooling tank

- All it needs is an electrical connection

- Does not need an outside source of heating (hot water, steam, gas,...) or cooling (water, ice water, ...)

- User friendly touch screen controller capable of saving up to 10 different programs,

- 20 - 30% lower operating costs then conventional system.

SKH-H  - products















SKH-H - cold 4 dg.











SKH-H - sirarski kotel - gretje do 100 stopinj














SKH-H - cheese kettle-cooling agreggat-300





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