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Newly developed device for continuous flow pasteurization: flow pasteurizer PP

To ensure health safety of drinking milk and other dairy products and extend the shelf life of final dairy products, milk treatment is essential. One of the most commonly used types of milk treatment is pasteurization.



Plevnik continuous flow pasteurizer is the right solution for producers of larger batches drinking milk and other dairy products. It is a brand-new product for flow pasteurization from 300 to 3.000 l/h. Pasteurization runs in accordance to all standards – at a higher temperature (72–75 °C) in a shorter time (15–20 s) and doesn’t affect the flavour of final product.



The advantages of Plevnik continuous flow pasteurizer PP are:

  • Low energy consumption for production of drinking milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Up to 3 times faster compared to batch production
  • Up to 12 times less energy consumption for drinking milk pasteurization and up to 3 times less energy for yogurt or cheese production
  • Processes are adjustable to your recipes
  • Various capacities of the device to accommodate your needs
  • Increased product safety and reinfection prevention
  • Cleaning of the device is automated using the integrated CIP
  • Full control over processes with PLC controller and integrated recorder



PP flow pasteurizer




  • Pasteurized milk is not only a final product, but is also used as a material for further production
  • Pasteurisation process stops vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Up to 90 % less energy consumption and much faster process compared to batch pasteurization


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