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Traditional alpine cheesemaking: new cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-Cu

New Plevnik copper cheese kettle is cheese kettle SKH with copper inside. The kettle enables a traditional way to produce different types of cheese using modern equipment. Copper is a traditional material used in cheesemaking and has been used for a long time. It has been mostly used in the Alps and final products have a special, unique taste.



Advantages of Plevnik Cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-CU:

  • The inside is made of copper which helps suppress pathogenic organisms in milk
  • Copper prevents late-blowing of cheese and is known to have many positive health effects
  • Four different sizes: 300, 650, 1000 and 1500 l to accommodate your needs
  • Three different types of heating are possible: electrical (EL), hot water (HW) or combined (EW)
  • The kettle is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials
  • Reliable, controlled and repeatable processing with a modern touch-screen controller MC 500
  • Cheese harps in the kettle ensure a precise cut with less cheese dust and more cheese


SKH-Cu copper inside


Main equipment for SKH-Cu Professional includes: controller MC 500, cheese harps, energy-saving construction, two-part cover, stable support with tilting mechanism and stirrer speed regulation.


A wide range of additional equipment: elevating device, controller MC 500 R, different stirrers, pneumatic seat valve, … to make it completely suitable to your needs.




Copper is an important element for health and nutrition. According to European Copper Institute, 1–2 mg of copper a day provides essential health benefits, for example bone strength, heart muscle contraction and brain development. (Source: European Copper Institute: https://copperalliance.eu/benefits-of-copper/health/, quoted 11. 3. 2019)


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