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Economical solution: new Plevnik butter churn PJ 50 Basic

Plevnik butter churn PJ is a modern device for butter and buttermilk production. Now, a new version of PJ 50 is available – PJ 50 Basic. It is an economical solution for butter producers who process up to 50 liters of cream into butter and don't need to maintain the temperature of cream and butter. It has a basic coat (2B finished stainless steel) with no secondary coat.



Advantages of butter churn PJ 50 Basic are:

  • Fast processes are ensured with stirring shovels running close to the wall
  • Butter churn adapts to different fat contents in products with a speed regulated electric motor
  • All processes are safe and controlled because of stainless steel cover with a viewing glass
  • Facilitated emptying of the churn is enabled with a detachable mixer
  • Easy cleaning of the interior is possible due to specially treated inner surfaces



PJ 50 Basic



Additional equipment is available for more ergonomic work:

  • Tilting mechanism: easier emptying and washing (drainage) because of tilting
  • Support on wheels: moving around the dairy is simple
  • Stable support: easier work with the butter churn due to working height (900 mm)





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