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Plevnik working platforms for cheese kettles and pasteurizers

Working environment should be ergonomically suitable and efficient at the same time. Plevnik is offering working platforms for cheese kettles and pasteurizers in all dimensions. This is an efficient solution for cheesemakers who want to have more control over the processes and produce with less physical effort.



The advantages of Plevnik working platform:

  • Simpler ergonomic work: access to the kettle on one side through a staircase with a safety rail

  • Emptying of the kettle directly into the cheese table or prepress due to working height

  • Higher control of the processes – you can look directly in the kettle

  • Easier cleaning of the kettle and under the kettle

  • Less physical effort when distributing cheese mass


The outlet of the kettle is positioned higher than usually due to the height of the working platform – we recommend the combination of the kettle on platform with cheese prepress, cheese draining table or pneumatic draining press POS. The prepress or the table is positioned directly under the outlet. That makes work faster and more efficient. No physical effort is needed –otherwise can cheesemakers experience severe lower back pain when they distribute cheese mass manually from the kettle to the prepress or the table.



Plevnik working platforms 1



For cheesemakers with larger batches looking for more than one kettle, Plevnik recommends a double working platform. Two kettles can fit on this platform, one on each side. Cheesemakers have control over both kettles, since there are very close to each other. This also applies for two kettles of different dimensions, such as SKH 500 and SKH 1000. They can both fit on one double working platform.



Plevnik working platforms 1



Plevnik working platforms 3



Plevnik working platforms 4


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