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Reliable quality at Plevnik

One of our main goals is to help you add value to milk with Plevnik devices. Only the best quality is good enough for our customers.

Cheese cutting device with improved cutting knives

Most of cheesemakers would agree that manual cheese cutting is hard and tiresome. It takes up a lot of time and is not very precise. We are presenting an effective solution: Plevnik cheese cutting device RS. It's a modern device that cuts all types of hard and semi-hard cheeses in all maturation stages into equal pieces.

Tilting mechanism makes work with butter churn easier

A very important part of every process is also the ergonomic suitability of devices. At Plevnik, we are aware of that and have developed tilting mechanism – a special function exclusive to Plevnik butter churns PJ 50 and PJ 100.

Efficiency at a higher level: SKH/SCH 2O

We are presenting a brand-new product: cheese vat SKH/SCH 2O. It uses two O-shaped kettles merged into one uniquely shaped cheese vat and presents a modern, up-to-date space-saving solution. This

New product: Cheese press with draining and prepressing function

Plevnik is presenting a brand-new product – pneumatic draining press POS. It’s a cheese press with integrated draining table, that enables draining, prepressing and pressing of cheese mass in one device. POS is a perfect device for cheesemakers with smaller batches of milk (up to 500 l/day) who need a cheese press.

Complete equipment for your dairy

Plevnik covers all major processes in dairy industry with devices that are very practical, energy efficient, automated, reliable and flexible at the same time.

New controller MC 500 R

Having full control and overview over dairy processes has become more and more important. Plevnik is presenting new controller for milk and cheese production MC 500 R with integrated recording function.

Plevnik prepress PRP-R: A three-in-one device

Cheese prepress PRP-R is a three-in-one device: draining table, prepress and press. This is a very efficient solution for smaller dairies (with up to 300 kg of cheese per batch).

Protect your health with an elevator

Everyone who runs business wants to increase productivity and efficiency. This is possible when workers have a good working environment. Best working zone enables easier work with less physical stress.

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