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Butter Churn PJ 50 [Z37e19]
11.2.2020 7:45:00

Butter Churn PJ 50 - Machine for basic butter and buttermilk production

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Most suitable for products like:

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Basic information:

Total Volume 120 l
Max. Cream Volume 50 l
Power Supply 220 V 1 N 50/60 Hz; 1,1 kW
Dimensions 880x520x620 mm
Weight 70 kg

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Equipment of the BUTTER CHURN PJ 50:

  • Stirrer with shovels (removable for an easier emptying of the butter and cleaning)
  • Sealed cover with control glass
  • Sandy cover of the interior for non-sticking of butter
  • Electric motor with speed regulation of the stirrer 40 - 130 rpm
  • Double coat for heating/cooling with connection ½” (max 4bar)
  • Connections for emptying the buttermilk and rinsing the butter
  • Safety sensor for opening the cover 



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