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Pasteurizer ALLinONE - PH 300 EVV [Z2615]
11.2.2020 8:35:00

300 liters PASTEURIZER ALLinONE for milk pasteurization and yogurt, cheese, curd, ice cream production, ...

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Most suitable for products like:

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Basic information:

Temperature max. 100 °C
Temperature min. 4 °C
Volume max. / min. 330 l / 90 l
Type of heating EL - Electricity
Power max. 20 kW
Time for heating (4°C – 62°C)     67 min.
Machine dimensions: l-840 cm x h-1190 cm x w-780 cm; 210 kg
Cooling aggregate dimensions: l-1450 cm x h-1950 cm x w-950 cm; 480 kg

(The data may vary from the actual values.)


Equipment of the PASTEURIZER PH 300 EVV:

  • All in one machine: Pasteurizer - Cheese Kettle - Milk Cooling Tank
  • Automatic control with different programs (Touch-screen controller MC1)
  • Stirrer speed and direction control 
  • Heating up to 100 °C and cooling down to 4 °C
  • Energy saving construction (3 coat insulation) 
  • Stable support with inclination mechanism
  • Additional equipment (cheese harp, 75% stirrer, movable console with 2-part cover,..)


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