Plevnik Showroom

You are welcome to visit our showroom!


We understand that it’s important for you to see machines in reality, to touch them and to see how they work.


Would you like to see various machines in person? Let us know. You are welcome to visit us.


Here is a list of devices currently displayed in our showroom:

  • Cheese kettles

    SKH 1000 2O, SKH 500 EW PRO,

  • Pasteurizers

    P 200 EL PRO, PH 100 EZ,

  • Processing stirring tank

    PST 500 EL,

  • Other diary equipment

    Cheese prepress PRP-R 70,

    Filling machine PN 500 CS,

    Cheese table SM 99,

    Cheese press MS-U2,

    Butter churn PJ 13,

    Cheese washing device PS 50,

    Dispersion stirrer PRO,  

  • Brewing cistern

    BC 650 EW.




Visit of a relevant dairy can also be arranged.

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