Plevnik special spring offer

Cheese kettles and pasteurizers with volumes of 100 l


For every start or expansion of business, some courage and basic funds are needed. This spring, Plevnik wants to encourage and support cheesemakers, especially the beginners. We have prepared a special spring offer for cheese kettles SKH and pasteurizers P, suitable for different needs.


You can select one of four favorable packages:


1. Cheese kettle SKH 100 EL BASIC+ for cheese and yogurt production with stable support for free
When purchasing cheese kettle SKH 100 EL BAS+, you get a stable support for free. Your work will be easier and you save up to 440 €*.


2. Cheese kettle SKH 100 EL BASIC+ with special equipment for high quality and efficient yogurt and cheese production
This package includes:
- stable support with 50% discount,
- manual harp with 50% discount,
- stirrer speed regulation with 55% discount,
- new professional stirrer for yogurt, cheese and milk with 55% discount.
You will save up to 850 €*!


3. Pasteurizer P 100 EL ADVANCED+ for yogurt and cheese production with stirrer speed regulation
When purchasing pasteurizer P 100 EL ADV+ you can choose stirrer speed regulation with 95% discount and save up to 620 €*. Stirrer speed regulation allows you to change the speed of the stirrer and rotation direction.


4. Pasteurizer P 100 EL PROFESSIONAL with special equipment for high quality and efficient production of all dairy products
This package includes:
- controller MC 500,
- stirrer speed regulation,
- new professional stirrer for yogurt, cheese and milk.
You will get this additional equipment with 65% discount. Your savings are up to 1.050 €*!


Because of great interest, special spring offer is extended till 31st July 2019!


For you, dear cheesemakers, this is an excellent opportunity to start or expand your business and get more out of your milk. Add value to milk!


Spomladanska akcija 100 l


*The amount of savings is approximate and can vary depending on the market.

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