Certificate for the German market

Official German certificate accreditation for The Plevnik ...

Plevnik cheese cutting device RS

Video of the Plevnik cheese cutting device for an easy and fast cutting of semi hard and hard cheese forms in equal pieces

Plevnik cheese washing machine

New video of the Plevnik cheese washing machine for washing the rind of semi-hard and hard cheeses during the ripening.

Plevnik pre-presses

New videos of Plevnik pre-presses for semi-hard and hard cheeses

Plevnik butter churn

New video of the Plevnik butter churn PJ

New Plevnik videos!

Today we prepared you some videos of how you can make cheese using Plevnik cheese making equipment.

Videos of the new All-In-Plevnik

We prepared videos of how to pasteurize milk, make cheese, ricotta, set yogurt and stirred yogurt in our new pasteurizer with cooling aggregate. See how you can make all dairy products in one single kettle.

New pasteurizer All-In-Plevnik

The new PH with inbuilt cooling aggregate can be used as a pasteurizer, cheese kettle, milk cooling tank or fermenter.

New - cheese kettle SKH!

We are happy to introduce you our newest product - the SKH cheese kettle!

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