Flow pasteurizer 300-3000 l/h


Modern way of pasteurization


  • Up to 12 times less energy consumption for drinking milk and up to 2-3 times for cheese/yogurt

  • For continuous pasteurization of milk

  • Regenerative milk preheating and cooling (Heat recovery up to 90%)

  • The pasteurizer can be used for production of cheese and yogurt

  • The pasteurization stops the vital activity of pathogenic forms of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, brucellosis and heat-resistant bacteria



  • Milk heat treatment at user selected temperature

  • Time saving with no extra heating or cooling

  • Capacity selected regarding to the customer needs

  • According to sanitary standards

  • Increased product safety and prevents reinfection

  • Existing or independent heat source

  • Easy and logical operation via PLC controller

  • Continuous and permanent record of essential information with integrated recorder


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