Start to write history by making the best beer in town!

  •   All our devices are made from environmentally friendly materials
  •   Are user and environmentally friendly and easy to use
  •   Are made for long term use (in terms of sustainable development and environment protection)
  •   Work with ecological coolants
  •   Have low energy consumption and are efficient


Plevnik Brewery Equipment:

  • Mills for the malt
  • Simple Brewing solutions for beginners and advanced users (BK & LT Brewery)
  • Experience Breweries (BC & LC Brewery)
  • Brewhouses - different types (BHM3 & BHW & BH Brew Houses)
  • Fermentation tanks / cisterns (FT & FTP)
  • Maturation tanks – cisterns (MT & MTP)
  • Other Brewing equipment


Breweries catalogue 2016:

Catalogue Beer 2016

Brew House BHM3

For professional brewing from 500 to 3000. Also possible additional 100% upgrade of capacity.

BrewHouse BHM3 - 2000

















More info ablut BHM3                    Plevnik - INQUIRY - Ang                      


Brew House BHW

For advanced brewing from 500 to 1000l.


















More info about BHW                                          


Brew House BH

From 100 to 250l for Small brewing.

BH Brewing House




















More info about BH

Video: Beer-making with the brewing block BH 250 and fermentation tanks FTP 250 Video link


Brewing system BC (Brewing Cistern) & LC (Lauter Cistern)

From 500 to 4000 l for Experienced Brewing.

BC - Brewing Cistern LC - Lauter Cistern

More info about BC & LC



Brewing system BK (Brewing Kettle) & LT (Lauter Tank)

From 100 to 1500l for Simple to Advanced Brewing .

BK LT - Lauter Tank


More info about BK & LT 



Fermentation (FT & FTP) and Maturation tanks (MT & MTP)

From 500 to 6000l fermentation and maturation tanks under pressure or without it

FTP - fermentor MTP maturation tank


More info about FT & FTP and MT & MTP  



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