Stable cooling tanks

Modern PLEVNIK cooling tanks, made for quality production, are indispensable for the production of high quality and bacteriologically safe milk. You can choose the type HNP cooling tanks from 100 to 1000 liters!



Let's add value to milk - with an ear for environment!

Plevnik cooling tanks are made according to ISO 5708 and EN 13732 standards

  ● All our products are made from environmentally friendly materials
  ● Are user and environmentally friendly and easy to use
  ● Are made for long term use (in terms of sustainable development and environment protection)
  ● Work with ecological coolants
  ● Have low energy consumption and are efficient


  ● The tanks are entirely made of high quality stainless steel W.Nr.1.4301
  ● Are made in an open execution
  ● Are insulated with an ecologically safe polyurethane (PUR) foam without CFC
  ● Work on the principle of direct cooling
  ● Cooling units of different powers let us chose the best combination of cooling tank and cooling unit
  ● Have a control panel with an electronic controller which controls the cooling process and preserves the milk homogeneity


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