Portable cooling tanks

PLEVNIK portable cooling tanks and cisterns are modern devices for milk cooling. They are used where fresh milked milk must be cooled down and transported to a collecting point.

Sizes from 100 to 2500 liters will satisfy all your needs in quality milk collection.

Let's add value to milk - with an ear for environment

All our products are made from environmentally friendly materials and excel with:

  ● Extremely efficient cooling with an immersion cooler or with a chilled water unit - glycol
  ● Easy cleaning and maintenance because of the excellent manufacturing and accessibility (device height, service opening) - CIP washing head on the cistern
  ● Easy to use control panel for cooling and stirring milk
  ● Are user and environmentally friendly and easy to use
  ● Are made for long term use (in terms of sustainable development and environment protection)
  ● Work with ecological coolants
  ● Have low energy consumption and are very efficient
  ● Plevnik cooling tanks are made according to ISO 5708 and EN 13732 standards

Different kinds of portable cooling tanks:

Portable cooling tanks with DIRECT COOLING:

- Immersion coolers – HM

- Portable containers – FV


Portable cooling tanks and cisterns with INDIRECT COOLING:

- Cooling aggregate for iced water SOLAR - GLYCOL – HMV

- Portable cooling tanks – PBV


- Portable cooling cisterns – HCT


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