Kettles from 50l to 1500l

Cheese kettles PLEVNIK are used for the thermal treatment of milk into dairy products such as soft, semi-firm or hard cheese, curd...



All our products are made from environmentally friendly materials. The biggest advantages of our products are:
  ● The kettle is entirely made of stainless steel W.Nr.1.4301 and in accordance with international standards, CE directives and the newest innovations in the dairy industry

  ● Have an extremely effective heating system with an integrated heating surface
  ● Are adapted to different kinds of heating mediums: electricity, gas, oil, hot water, steam
  ● Easy cleaning and maintenance because of the excellent manufacturing and accessibility (device height, service opening)
  ● Easy to use control panel for heating, cooling and stirring milk
  ● Are user and environmentally friendly and easy to use
  ● Are made for long term use (in terms of sustainable development and environment protection)
  ● Have low energy consumption and are very efficient


Different types of cheese kettles:


SKM 50 - 150l

heating with electricity

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SKH 100 - 1200l

heating with electricity, hot water, steam

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SKG 100 - 1000l

heating with gas

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SKG-W 100 - 1000l

heating with gas through a double wall

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SKH-Cu 300 - 1500l

heating with electricity, hot water

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SKH 400 EW Advanced - cheese making


SKH 650 HW Professional - cheese making


SKH 1000 HW Professional - cheese making


SKH 1000 HW Professional - cheese making


Cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-Cu


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