Prepresses are devices that receive the cheese mass, drain the whey, prepress using compressed air and cut the cheese mass into desired cheese blocks.


They enable better quality control of cheese and are distinguished by the following:

  • High degree of adjustability

  • User-friendly machine

  • Robust and compact construction

  • Quality of manufacture


There are four different types of cheese prepresses available:

  • Manual prepress PRP-R

  • Automated prepress PRP-AP

  • Automated prepress with transport belt PRP-AT

  • Manual prepress with transport belt PRP-RT


Prepress -
type PRP-R

Prepress -
type PRP-RT

Prepress -
type PRP-AP

Prepress -
type PRP-AT

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A three-in-one device: prepress PRP-R



Prepress PRP-R


Prepress PRP-AP


Prepress PRP-AT


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