Conversion of waste energy

Economic energy treatment during the cooling of milk

Pre-cooling of milk


  ● With the water from the water system we can pre-cool the milk for cca. 20°C. Doing so we reduce electrical energy consumption for cooling of the milk.
  ● During this process the water warms up and we can use it to water the cattle. Warmed water affects beneficently the health of the kettle - especially in the cold part of the year. Lowering the temperature difference between the kettles body temperature and the water temperature lowers the risk of diseases.

Conversion of the waste energy of cooling for heating sanitary water

The system for heating potable water using the "waste" energy of the cooling unit or the heat from fresh milk.


  ● We relieve the cooling unit - better condensation in the warmer part of the year - shortens the time of milk cooling
  ● Enhaced cooling - shortens the cooling time
  ● Warming the potable water without additional electrical energy consumption. The warmed water (cca. 45°C - 50°C) can be used for washing the milking equipment and cow udder, watering the cattle... the surplus water can be used for other home uses. At full load 1l of cooled milk can warm 0.7l - 0.8l of potable water up to cca. 50°C.



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